LENASO has in place sub-granting strategy/policy that clearly defines management of sub-grants from the national office to the sub-sub- grantees at the community level. The strategy indicates the capacity building, supervision and coordination that have to go with sub- granting to Affiliates or implementing partners. The sub-granting strategy serves as a guide in the management and support of the CBOs/Affiliates that receive the grant. The disbursement of grants is done on a quarterly basis to the implementing partners who report monthly to LENASO office. The next disbursement is only done upon complete liquidation of the previous disbursed funds. The organizational capacity needs assessment is conducted before the implementing – sub-partner is engaged. The sub-grantees are normally supported to develop their budgets and policies that guide the use of funds. They are trained on the rules and regulations of donor funds before the money is disbursed into their accounts. They are also trained and mentored on financial reporting to ensure compliance with donor rule and regulations. Robust management and coordination is always maintained to ensure compliance at all levels and standardization of services.

Within the projects that are currently implemented by LENASO, 40 CBOs and support groups are sub-grated and capacitated to manage and implement the sub-grants.

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