Integrated Evaluation

The monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems (MER) are in place at the LENASO whereby the MER PLAN is developed in line with the strategic plan and other programs plans to guide operations. It is reviewed from time to time to accommodate changes caused by project indicators. The plan has details on data flow from the source till it is reported to the donors and stakeholders for their consumption. Data quality management is clearly discussed in the plan to indicate on timeliness, truthfulness, authenticity, completeness and clarity of data. Single project MER plans are comprehensively designed based on the demand of each project. The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager is well experienced and motivated person with broad MER skills. Data collection tools are developed to capture required data as per specified project indicators. As part of community system strengthening, the implementing CBOs and or support groups are guided to identify 2 data clerks from their members who are trained by LENASO on data quality management and oriented on the developed tools for the project. They are guided and mentored on reporting of all data collected from the beneficiaries. The data is normally be collected by CBOs and support groups from the source and reported to LENASO on a monthly basis. The District Community Coordinator (DCC) provides direct supervision and support to the CBOs and support groups and consolidates their data for submission to the LENASO head office to the Programs officer who verifies data before submission to Data Entry Officer and MER Manager. The database is developed to avoid double counting and duplication services. The MER Manager compiles analyses and report to the Executive Director who also reports to donors as per scheduled time in the agreement, board, staff and other stakeholders. The quarterly feedback meetings are held with the implementing partners to address challenges, celebrate successes and plan the way forward. Based on the analysis, data reports are used to inform interventions implemented at the community. This promotes community ownership of the data and the program sustainability.

LENASO is actively supporting monitoring, evaluation and reporting of community HIV interventions using the National monitoring tool called LOMSHA. UNAIDS supported the organization to roll-out this tool to throughout the country and provided trainings on Monitoring and Evaluation. The organization is actively involved in the dissemination of information through distribution of IEC material developed and approved in the country to the hard to reach areas.

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