Who are we?

LENASO is an umbrella nationally recognized network of Community Based Organizations and support groups implementing HIV and AIDS services in the community. The network was established in 1991 and legally registered in February 1994 (Registration number 94/53).

Vision: To be a leading network in coordination and management of CBOs implementing HIV and AIDS, Primary Health Care (PHC) services at the grassroots.

Mission: To support coordination and management of CBOs implementing HIV and AIDS and to strengthen community linkages for uptake of PHC services in an effective and efficient manner in order to ensure equity, availability and accessibility through capacity building, resource mobilization, networking, information sharing, advocacy and lobby, monitoring and evaluation at the community level.


The network has about 192 Affiliates who are CBOs and support groups implementing HIV and AIDS services in various communities of Lesotho throughout the country. These affiliates form different structures such as LENASO Community Committees who reports to the LENASO District Community Committees to enhance coordination of services within the district. These committees report to the secretariat. The secretariat is made of 34 staff members working in different projects implemented throughout the country.


LENASO is implementing, coordinating and managing activities of its Affiliates through-out the country. There are 6 HIV projects implemented in partnership with various partners to reach beneficiaries at the grass-roots.

 Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
 Support Groups
 People Living with HIV and AIDS
 People affected by HIV and AIDS
 Most Vulnerable Children
 Youth

What We Do
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Our Values
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LENASO has 10 members that form National Executive Committee. The representatives are from the CBOs and support groups who are its Affiliates and also professionals with good will. The board is elected by the AGM which is the highest body in LENASO governance structure. The following are the members of the National Executive Committee;

Dr. Amelia Ranotsi   The President
Mr. Mafa Raboqha  Vice president
Mr. Koenahali Masupha Treasurer
Mrs. Violet Lefu Health sector Representative
Mrs. Malielie Matsebo Phali  Fundraiser
Mrs. Malinurse Chaule Publicity officer
Mrs. Masophia Khalikane Representative of PLWHIV
Mr. Selebalo Monyane Men with HIV Representative
Mrs. Malebohang Kou Women & Children Representative
Mr. Eric Thulo Legal Advisor
Ms. Mamello G. Makoae Executive Director (Board Secretary)

“Board Meetings”]
The board meets regularly on quarterly basis to discuss issues of the organization and to provide an over-sight direction. The board is engaged in planning processes, and development of policies that run the organization. It provides an over-sight support to the Executive Director. It is responsible for sustainability of the organization hence its effective involvement in resource mobilization processes. The Board reports to the Annual General Assembly that is made up of constituencies from the CBOs and support groups at the community and district level. The Board is elected by the AGM in every 3 years. The current Board was elected in August 2012.

Civil Society
Civil society –organizations that advocate for the interests of their members or the groups that they represent – are a crucial part of LENASO. Grass-roots efforts by civil society organizations are instrumental in the making of LENASO, civil society organizations are implementing LENASO-supported programs every day, and they are also playing an integral role in resource mobilization, advocacy and policy dialogue.

In the Global Fund context, civil society includes nongovernmental organizations, community groups, faith-based organizations, foundations, advocacy groups, and networks of people living with HIV/AIDS – essentially all those communities that are neither government nor profit-seeking enterprises.

Civil society organizations are increasingly supporting interventions that guarantee the sustainability of the response, empower key populations and promote social and structural changes in the fight against AIDS, at the same time helping to reduce stigma and discrimination.

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